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15 U.S. Destination Ceremony Locations

There’s a good chance that when you hear the term “destination wedding,” your mind quickly goes to the stunning vineyards of Tuscany or the sandy beaches of Tulum. But, the truth is, there are so many cool cities here in the US that would be ideal for a destination wedding. These cities have it all: unique venues, cool vibes, amazing wedding vendors, and tons of bars, restaurants, and sites to keep you entertained for the entire wedding weekend – or even host an after-wedding party. If you’re looking to put together destination “I do’s” a little closer to home, get ready to be inspired by these 15 US destination wedding cities!

1. AUSTIN, TEXAS Between the amazing food, the live music, and the youthful vibe of the city, Austin has everything you could want for a destination wedding. If you’re looking for sleek, modern city vibes, there are a lot of venues located in the heart of downtown that would be perfect for your big day. If you’re more country than city, you can drive into the Hill Country–located just outside the city limits–where you’ll find sprawling venues with breathtaking views. Pictured: Shiraz Gardens, Austin, TX

2. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA New Orleans is the ultimate party city, which–for some couples–makes it the ultimate wedding destination! Your guests will have a never-ending list of food, bars, and entertainment to enjoy before and after the wedding. The historic charm of the city offers a backdrop for your big day that is both mysterious and romantic. Plus, the second-line tradition of being escorted through the streets by a brass band is as cool as it gets. New Orleans delivers a magical experience like no other city. While planning your ceremony, go visit New Orleans and you will easily find a second-line going on somewhere around the French Quarter, and then you’ll know exactly why this city is recommended. Taste the food, find a good bar that serves the original French 75 cocktail, drink some coffee at Cafe Beignet – you will be welcomed as a local.

3. Palm Springs, California Palm Springs is known for its mid-century modern vibes, gorgeous weather, and desert views. This is the perfect city for couples who want to feel like they’ve stepped into another world and into another era. Sit by the pool and enjoy margaritas at the well-known Ace Hotel, or take a historic home tour to see where Frank Sinatra once resided. Regardless of how you spend your time, Palm Springs is a city that makes for one unforgettable long weekend.

4. Seattle, Washington Seattle is well known amongst vacationers but doesn’t immediately come to mind for weddings. After all, it’s earned its reputation as the “rainy city.” However, we think the city has a whole lot to offer. There are waterfront venues, modern downtown venues, and even island venues within a ferry ride’s distance of the city. Plus you have access to fantastic food and some of the best coffee shops in the country. The possibilities are endless. Pictured: Gold Creek Pond

5. Portland, Oregon Portland is one of the PNW’s dreamiest locations that boasts mild winters and has easy access to forests, mountains, beaches, and skylines. No matter what vibe you want to create for your special day, you’ll find a location and venue to match. Don’t let the high chances of rain that the rest of the PNW experiences scare you. Portland’s summer is warm and dry – with highs in the low 80s – with low humidity, which makes it ideal for outdoor nuptials. But, if you prefer an indoor wedding, the winters are equally beautiful. Pictured: Witch's Castle

6. Denver, Colorado Outdoor lovers and adventure seekers, this recommendation is for you! Denver averages 300 days of sunshine every year, making it one of the loveliest cities for couples who want to be outside for most – if not all – of their wedding day. As an added bonus, Denver is one of the greenest cities in the country. Located just east of the Rockies, this city would be the perfect home base for your wedding weekend because you can have your ceremony downtown and community-building activities in or around the mountains before and after the big day. Pictured: Lookout Mountain, Colorado

7. San Diego, California If the famously perfect weather in San Diego isn’t enough to convince you, the cool vibes of Balboa Park, the stretches of pristine beaches, and the incredible harbor should seal the deal. This coastal city has waterfront venues galore for beach-loving couples, industrial warehouses and downtown lofts for more modern couples, and even sprawling ranches for couples who want a backyard feel in the heart of the city. If you can dream it, you can find it in sunny San Diego. Pictured: Paradise Point

8. New York City, New York If you’re someone who craves modernism, art, and culture, The Big Apple is perfect for you. New York quite literally has it all – from whimsical gardens like Central Park to skyline views at the Top of the Rock. There is a reason it is one of the most iconic cities in the world, after all. Tie the knot in an industrial loft or elegant ballroom before wandering the streets of Manhattan for some of the most epic wedding portraits possible.

9. Nashville, Tennessee Nashville has found a special place in my heart. This vibrant city offers all the southern charm you’d expect in Tennessee with a funky, fresh, and eclectic twist that is truly one-of-a-kind. Not only does this city have one of the best live music scenes in the country, but it has an impressive variety of wedding venues that range from cute and quaint to luxurious and lavish. Pictured: Susie Gray Hall

10. Miami, Florida Miami literally has it all – diverse venues, a tropical climate, world-class restaurants, and some of the best beaches in the country. Plus, the deeply rooted party culture is second to none. There is something for everyone, which makes it an ideal city for a destination ceremony. Whether you want a shoe-free beach ceremony, a luxurious country club affair, or a sophisticated estate celebration, Miami is ready and waiting to host the day of your dreams. Pictured: Cruz Building, Coconut Grove

11. Portland, Maine Portland has been consistently rated one of the top cities for its food and drinks for the last few years. Maine is loved by all travelers, and Portland is the perfect size for a getaway. From being situated on the ocean to its showcase of New England foliage, Portland is a great spot for a ceremony year-round. It has many breweries that host weddings, as well as multiple industrial venues – the only place in Maine that has this style. I couldn’t agree more!

12. Joshua Tree, California Joshua Tree offers some of the most unique scenery in the country. With its large rock formations and abundance of cacti, it’s the perfect destination for those looking to be surrounded by Earth’s natural beauty. The city and venues may be on the smaller side, but there’s nothing more unique than getting married at an old hotel built in 1946 by Roy Rodgers or amidst the saguaros and yuccas.

13. Sedona, Arizona Located just two hours north of Phoenix, Sedona’s red rocks are unlike anything else in the world. In fact, some may argue that it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Because it’s located in northern Arizona, the temperatures stay much milder year-round, making it ideal for ceremonies during any season. The small city’s venues include luxury resorts, event centers with sweeping views of the rocks, romantic gazebos, and picturesque creekside parks. After tying the knot, head to Devil’s Bridge or Catherdral Rock to hike and see some seriously cool views.

14. Charleston, South Carolina If you’ve always dreamed of cobblestone streets or horse-drawn carriages for your special day, Charleston, South Carolina may just be the place for you. With plenty of colorful historic buildings, pristine beaches, high-end golf courses, and centuries-old weeping willows, your lovefest will be surrounded by southern charm. Not to mention, the city is known for its incredible cuisine.

15. Chicago, Illinois It’s easy to fall in love with Chicago’s charm the minute you arrive. From the stunning cityscapes to the hip suburbs to some of the best pizza in the world, Chi-Town has an unexplainable magnetic energy. Although it may not have the tropical weather that one might think about for destination ceremonies, you can’t beat the modern and upscale shops, restaurants, and hotels - I'm talking exposed brick and marquee lights galore.


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When you're ready to start planning your special ceremony, it would be my pleasure to help you pull together all of the elements to book any of the above locations or put together a bespoke package so that you can travel confidently. Let’s start your travel planning and booking your trips for 2022 and beyond. Email me ( or set your Quick Chat appointment ( to talk about your romantic travel experience.

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