Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Luxury travel - it's all about the money, right? Actually, no. Upscale and luxury travel is about the perceived value for your travel dollar. Remember that upscale and luxury means something different to everyone. No matter what you consider luxury, upscale travel needs to be thought about very carefully to assess what you want out of the experience. After consulting with my seasoned travel clients, below is a list of 5 mistakes to avoid as you consider your first or next luxury vacation.

MISTAKE #1 - NOT HIRING A TRAVEL CONSULTANT Let's face it - planning travel can be frustrating. Planning travel where you are spending more is even more stressful. In either case, there is absolutely no replacement for a good travel consultant. What you see on the internet as you search for a luxury travel experience only scratches the surface. Contrary to popular belief, a travel consultant (Where2Next? Travel, LLC included!) has access to amenities and upgrades that the general public does not, and can negotiate added values on your behalf. Your agent will come to your rescue in case of flight cancellation, travel emergencies, travel perks, room upgrades, late checkouts and things you don't even think of. If your travel consultant charges a plan to go or research fee, it is worth every dollar to take the stress away from you and let an expert handle the time-consuming research and planning phase. Many travel consultants credit this fee towards your vacation cost should you book a proposal. If you are looking for the most value for your vacation dollar, first spend on a good travel consultant - you will not regret it!

MISTAKE #2 - BEING TEMPTED Social media has changed the way we perceive travel, and everyone, including luxury travel brands, spend quite a bit on advertisement. Every travel opportunity strives to become an "Instagrammable" moment in time. While social media and gorgeous advertising campaigns are certainly creative ways to discover what a destination is about, it absolutely should not be the only criteria for deciding your next journey. Misinformation and false advertising about many destinations abounds, and you simply cannot believe everything you see and hear. This is where your travel consultant - a good travel consultant - is your best resource. Luxury travel should be planned wisely, no matter what your budget.