Updated: Sep 3, 2020

If you aren't already planning your first trip to Paris, you should be! From starting mornings off with some of the world’s most amazing freshly baked bread to cruising down the river Siene, there are so many things to do, see, and experience in the City of Light.


Pack light and leave the beret at home! Some hotels in Paris don’t have elevators, so you don’t want get stuck lugging your heavy suitcase up and down the stairs.

Some neighborhoods in Paris are lined with those picturesque cobblestone streets, so bring a pair of comfortable shoes along with your fancy footwear.

Adapter – Don't forget to bring a standard European adapter and converter for Paris.


You might be surprised to discover that in Paris, an entrée is an appetizer, and a plat is a main dish. “Menu” is not a physical menu, but rather a combination meal (usually food + drink + dessert) - keep this in mind when ordering at your favorite Paris bistro!

While you may certainly take in the below iconic Parisian food places, explore what's around your hotel and eat like a local - you may make a new friend or two and bring back memories of a great and unique dish or specialty from a local bistro or restaurant! (the following locations are currently closed or delivery only due to Covid-19, but indicate as returning to business in the near future)