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Destination - ALASKA

A Special Lifetime Trip: Alaska

Alaska is considered to be one of the last frontiers of the world and the 49th state in the union is one of the world's gems. It is a land of ice, bald eagles, mountains, grizzly bears, and the epitome of the American spirit. One of the best ways to see Alaska is by cruise, and there are several different ways to see this land. The variations include the type of ship and whether you want to tour the Inside Passage or the Gulf of Alaska.

Large Ship vs. Small Ship

No ship is better than the other, they just offer different experiences for their guests. Larger ships stop in all the most popular ports and offer excursions like whale-watching and dog-sledding atop breathtaking glaciers. The smaller ships are more intimate, and tend to spend more time sailing in the wild back-country of Alaska. As an example, it is not unheard of for guests on smaller ships to visit Glacier Bay for two days and explore other areas by kayak.

Gulf Of Alaska

These cruises go through south-central Alaska, with three different start points: Seward, Whittier (both are near Anchorage), or Vancouver. You will go through most of the same ports as you would if you were touring the Inside Passage, but these cruises are one way. The cruise travels north or south, depending on where you begin your trip.

Some of the stops on these cruises include:

● A few days before or after the cruise in either Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula

● College Fjord - which is dotted with amazing glaciers

● A few days in Denali National Park

Inside Passage

When a cruise is sailing along this route, it will run from the narrow strip near the Canadian border all the way to the Panhandle (which is the beginning of the Gulf of Alaska). This option runs round trip from either Vancouver, British Columbia or Seattle, Washington. This cruise option is the most popular and many of the sights that you will see on this cruise are going to be very similar to the ones that are included for the Gulf of Alaska option.

Sights on this itinerary include:

● Juneau - the capital of Alaska

● Ketchikan - a great location for fishing and a look into the life of Native Alaskans

● Glacier Bay National Park

● Skagway - a gold rush town with a lot of history

Alaska should be on your list of possible cruises. There are amazing sights, beautiful landscapes, and experiences that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Let's start planning.

If you're ready to experience the unique beauty and wildlife of our 49th state for yourself, contact Where2Next? Travel, LLC today so we can get your Alaska travel experience started. Take our Travel Interest Survey.

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