I have both booked clients to this wonderful location and have been myself and experienced it first-hand - initially to the south in the capital of Santo Domingo, then a second trip to the north in Puerto Plata. I highly recommend travel to the Dominican Republic - her people are warm and accommodating, the food is outstanding, and there is so much to learn about the culture and history.


When many people think of the Caribbean, they think of the great resorts, or going to Jamaica and Cuba. What they may not realize is that the most popular destination in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is on an island called Hispaniola, that is shared with Haiti to the west. The Dominican Republic sees over six million visitors a year - two million more than Cuba. The history of the Dominican Republic is an interesting one.   Incredibly enough Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón in Spanish), did not discover the present day North America - but instead, in 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the Dominican Republic and promptly claimed the island for the Spanish crown. The city of Santo Domingo was the first real European settlement in the New World, having been founded more than 500 years ago - long before the English founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the present day United States. The Spanish influence that still dominates had begun.


LAKE ENRIQUILLO - Lake Enriquillo is the only saltwater lake throughout the Antilles. It is located in the center of the Parque Nacional Isla Cabritos and is a haven for wildlife. It is one of the largest natural reserves for the American crocodile.

EASTERN NATIONAL PARK - This World Heritage Sites is one of the largest marine parks in the Caribbean. Rhinoceros iguanas, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and manatees are just some of the amazing wildlife that visitors will get to experience when visiting.<