Destination - MEXICO CITY

Updated: Mar 13, 2020


The Festivals of Mexico City

Mexico City is an almost magical place - the center of custom, culture and cuisine for Mexico. When traveling to foreign countries, the best way to truly experience the destination is to become part of the local culture – do as the locals do. If you haven’t considered it before, think about attending a local festival if you are at your destination at the right time.

Festivals are a great way to spend your travels, including while on your international vacation. To help you plan your Mexico City vacation, here are six great festivals that will enhance your experience.

Corredor Cultura Roma Condesa - This festival is held twice a year in the spring and fall. The underlying concept of this festival is eco-friendly consumption, and it is held in one of the hippest, bohemian neighborhoods in Mexico City. It includes shops, businesses, and restaurants in the area and encompasses amazing exhibits of art, food, drink, design, and fashion.

Vive Latino - This three-day music festival began in 1998 and has grown steadily. It started as purely about Latin music and Latin music artists – it now includes other performers and genres (think jazz and progressive rock). The lineups include up-and-coming artists as well as major headliners.

Festival del Centro Historico - This festival is held in the historic downtown district of Mexico City. It is a classic festival highlighting the history of Mexican culture and its evolution throughout time. The culture is examined in art, music, dance, food, and drink. The events of this festival are spread throughout the historic district, which serves as a beautiful backdrop.