Destination - PARIS

Updated: Jan 4, 2020


Paris - sweet on the eye, sweet on the romance and sweet on the palate. The only problem you’ll have when it comes to delectable French deserts is which one to choose. To help you navigate that delicious last course, I’ve broken down the top 10 must try deserts for your visit to France. If you just so happen to have to eat more than one a day to get through them - well, c’est la vie!

The Tartes Aux Fruits – The tartes aux fruits is prepared with fresh fruit on top of a buttery pastry, with the fruit sitting atop an indulgent Chantilly cream. You can enjoy these tartes in both miniature and pie sizes.

The Éclair – The éclair is a popular dessert in France. The long, French choux pastry can be filled with either a rich custard or pastry cream, and topped with a sweet fondant. By definition, the term éclair means lightning in French. Go figure!

The Paris Brest – This pastry was created to celebrate the Paris to Brest bicycle ride in 1891. Naturally, it is circular in shape and contains praline flavored crème and choux pastry.

Macaron – Macarons are undeniably delectable. There are an incredible amount of flavors to choose from. The base ingredients include an airy meringue and almonds. Be sure to not confuse these treats with macaroons - those are a very different treat. The English added the -oon to the word in the 16th century.