Destination - SOUTH AFRICA

Updated: May 23, 2020

From Cape Point to Johannesburg to Soweto to Cape Town, South Africa is a country of great diversity. Come with us as we discover some of the things that make South Africa unique and a must for your #BookIt list!

I have personally been to South Africa, experiencing both the cosmopolitan cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as the extremely warm welcomes from the wonderful people in the townships of Langa and Soweto, even having the privilege of paying a visit to and touring Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy for Girls in Gauteng. I picked up beautiful remembrances (who wants souvenirs?) from the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront at Green Point and local artisans along the way. I returned with memories and stories that still serve me well and a longing to return. Here are some highlights:


Here I am at the Cape of Good Hope - the most south-western point on the African continent. The Cape was originally named the Cape of Storms in the 1480s by the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias. It was later renamed to Good Hope to attract more people to the Cape Sea Route that passed the southern coast of Africa. The Cape eventually became a significant port and waypoint point for sailors traveling from Europe to Asia. The experience here is phenomenal - see the rocky area behind me? There is a trail you can hike to the top and get a stunning view of the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Another shot from the Cape of Good Hope. It is just so vast and beautiful. When you look at this location on a map, it's astounding. If you sail south from this point, the next land mass you get to is Antarctica.


When arriving at Basadi Pele in Kagiso, South Africa - in conjunction with the Basadi Pele Foundation - we were greeted with song and dance. It was absolutely beautiful - I could ha