Destination: VIETNAM

There’s nothing more exciting than crossing off a new country from your travel #BookItList or #WanderList! Whether you’re on a birthday trip, a family vacation, or traveling with a partner, the thrill of expanding your horizons is unbeatable.

Here are a few helpful travel tips to use during your trip to Vietnam to connect better with the local culture.


  • Smile, wave, and say xin chao (hello)!

  • Greet people by pressing your palms together and bowing slightly

  • Use both hands to pass things

  • Dress conservatively, even in warm weather

  • Remove footwear when entering homes and religious sites

  • Ask before taking anyone’s photo

  • Say cam on (thanks)!


  • Touching anyone on the head

  • Pointing your feet toward an altar

  • Refusing an offer of tea at a reception or meeting

  • Public displays of affection

  • Losing your temper in public

  • Talking about the Vietnam War or politics in general

  • Flaunting your wealth in public

Eating in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is among some of the best in the world. Eating is a social event in the country and it is fairly uncommon to eat alone. In traditional restaurants, groups are seated at a table with dishes placed in the center. The food in the middle of the table belongs to everyone, and you serve yourself what you feel like you need.

When it’s time to serve yourself, use the serv