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Planning a Destination Proposal? Let Me Help You With That - Here's What to Know

There's no wrong way to propose to your significant other, but it's becoming popular for couples to pop the question while on vacation or on a specially planned destination proposal trip. Planning an elaborate proposal from afar is more complicated than you may think, though. While the idea of getting down on one knee on a beautiful beach or in your favorite far-flung city sounds romantic, the logistics of pulling it off - and keeping it a surprise - can be tricky. To help you make sure all the behind-the-scenes details are taken care of, let me share some best tips for nailing your destination proposal.


There are plenty of people who plan proposals for a living, and enlisting the help of a professional will ensure all the details are taken care of ahead of time. That's where I come in! First, I recommend coordinating with your accommodation. Plenty of hotels and resorts have luxurious amenities on offer when they know a newly engaged couple is staying with them. I can help you plan your proposal, and mentioning your intentions could land you a bottle of champagne, a rose petal bath, a trip to the spa, a photographer, or even just a recommendation for the most beautiful proposal spot.

Additionally, I'll help you coordinate with a photographer. Hiring a photographer to take photos of you on your vacation is the perfect way to get amazing photos of your proposal. Your significant other may not suspect your true intentions, and the photographer will know the prettiest location options for your proposal.

Of course, be open to other options. Sometimes plans go awry and planning a proposal can have many moving parts. Be open to having a Plan B, and know that I'm here to help you plan the perfect proposal, even if it’s not at the first location you imagined, or at the time of day you dreamed.

Give yourself time.

At a minimum, you'll want to devote at least month to planning your destination proposal, which will give you ample time to make travel arrangements, book accommodations, and secure any vendors you have in mind. Some men and women like to surprise their significant other with live music, beautiful floral arrangements, and a hidden photographer, so it's important to give yourself time to secure these pros if you want them. In addition to having fewer vendors to choose from, you may also run into unexpected fees if you wait too long to book. The prices for vendors and décor are better if there aren't any expedited fees. If you can swing it, giving yourself three months to organize the proposal is even better.

Understand what you can and can't do.

Want to get down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower? Go for it. Thinking about setting off fireworks over the ocean as soon as you pop the question? You'll need a permit for that. Proposals that involve government permits in some countries, like a helicopter landing, fireworks, reserved venue usage, or special guarding services, would need to spare longer preparation time. That's where my contacts and expertise come in. See the ASK FOR HELP paragraph above.

Decide how you'll hide the ring.

It seems simple, but where are you going to stash the engagement ring so that your significant other doesn't see it? Whether you're boarding an international flight or hopping in the car for a day trip, you'd hate to ruin the surprise with one small slip up. The pros suggest investing a thin ring box that can be easily hidden, like Ring Stash, or buying socks with a special hidden pocket for the ring, which are available from Box Sock. As for those traveling with the ring, you should always keep the ring in your carry-on luggage - not your checked bag (which could get lost) or your pocket (which could set off the security alarm).


Where2Next? Travel, LLC is a Special Needs Group™ Certified Accessible Travel Advocate and a Scootaround Certified Blue Star Ambassador Advisor - with knowledge in accessibility needs for luxury travel. I'm also a member in good standing of the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA).

When you're ready to start planning your romantic getaway, whether it be a chic couple-only ceremony, a picturesque proposal, an haute honeymoon or an intimate elopement, it would be my pleasure to help you pull together all of the elements of this romantic journey so that you can travel confidently and rest easy about your plans. Email me ( or set your Quick Chat appointment ( to talk about this exciting travel experience for you.


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