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Snow Over Sand: Embracing Winter Outdoor Activities

With summer officially coming to a close this week, outdoor enthusiasts don’t have to mourn the end. Where2Next? Travel, LLC has curated active adventures that showcase the beauty of snow-covered destinations and feature activities best experienced in the winter months. From snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and ice fishing in Finland and Sweden to tracking wolves in Wyoming, chasing the Northern Lights in Alaska, traversing steep mountain ridges in Iceland, and exploring the White Continent with an expert photographer.

There has been a dramatic increase in requests for the outdoors from clients over the past year. Towards the end of last year, there were crafted journeys that reveal the beauty of destinations in the winter. After receiving positive feedback from guests, Where2Next? Travel, LLC has since added more opportunities to explore remote destinations and cultures in a way that’s only possible during the winter months. For travelers who prefer snow over sand, I offer a range of luxury small group and private, and custom journeys in Europe, the U.S., and Antarctica.

New for 2022: Finland & Sweden: Adventure Across Lapland Experience an exhilarating winter adventure from cosmopolitan Helsinki and Stockholm to the far-north wilds of Lapland, learning the ways of the indigenous Sami people on an exclusive visit to a reindeer farm, venturing above the Arctic Circle for a sled-dog safari, and searching for the Northern Lights.

  • Explore charming Helsinki and magnificent Stockholm

  • Visit a Finnish family in their private forest home to learn about their life as moose hunters

  • Join a young Sami couple as they share the traditions, spirituality, and history of their people

  • Relax in some of Scandinavia’s most exclusive and unusual accommodations: a hotel built over an Arctic Lake, glass-domed Aurora Cabins and suites set in the Finnish forest

  • Savor dinner in a snow castle, newly created each winter

  • Limited to 18 guests; 11 days - pricing upon request; departures available January-March

Custom Finland: Helsinki & Lapland Take it private and explore Lapland on a romantic journey filled with a wide array of activities for couples that capture the wonder of the region. Imagine soaking in a Jacuzzi while watching for the Northern Lights or snowshoeing beneath sparkling Arctic night skies.

  • Take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow-draped forests of a real-life winter wonderland

  • Hunt for the aurora borealis on a thrilling snowmobile safari through the Fell Lapland

  • Relax in a traditional Finnish sauna, and perhaps, opt for a dip into the icy waters of Lake Sieri.

  • Visit with herders at a reindeer farm, keeping warm with hot drinks, and go for a sleigh ride

  • 8 days - pricing upon request, double occupancy; departures available January-March, November-December

Custom Iceland: Winter Landscapes Discover a land of cascading waterfalls and lava carved-moonscapes, soak in the therapeutic Blue Lagoon, search for the Northern Lights, and witness the eruption of Strokkur geyser.

  • Explore Iceland's colorful capital city and the diverse landscapes that line this island nation's southern coast

  • Discover the roots of Icelandic civilization in Thingvellir National Park

  • Trace the southern coastline’s black sand beaches, volcanic outcroppings, and dramatic cliffs

  • Venture into the man-made ice tunnels of Langjokull for a rare glimpse of a glacier's interior

  • Traverse the mountain ridges of Thorsmork in a rugged Super Jeep

  • 7 days - pricing upon request, double occupancy; departures available January-February, October-December

Custom Alaska: Winter Wonderland by Private Air The ultimate wilderness adventure, staying at a one-of-a-kind chalet built on a glacier in the shadow of Denali on this ultra-luxe independent journey.

  • Watch for the stunning aurora borealis in one of the finest dark sky settings in the world

  • Explore a glacier, including crevasse exploration, snow-cavern spelunking, sledding runs, ice climbing, and rappelling

  • Cross country ski, dogsled, and snowshoe on frozen Finger Lake or on the Iditarod Trail

  • 8 days, pricing upon request; departures available February-March

Custom Wyoming: Winter Wildlife Safari A private wintertime journey around Yellowstone National Park, tracking one of America’s most elusive predators, the endangered grey wolf.

  • Meet with a wolf biologist to learn about the challenges of reintroducing and integrating this apex predator into the park’s ecosystem, then search for the nearly 100 wolves that reside there

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of the geothermal features of Yellowstone and the vistas of the Teton Range on a low-altitude flight.

  • Snowshoe alongside a local expert through the backcountry of Jackson Hole.

  • 7 days - pricing upon request; departures available January-March, December

Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands: Photography & Exploration While it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, Austral summer draws photographers south to take advantage of more than 20 hours of daylight. However, the very elements that make Antarctica a dream destination for photographers, including pristine snow and ice starkly contrasting with sea and sky, make it challenging for photographers. To ensure guests return with the images of a lifetime, special guest lecturer and famed National Geographic photographer and conservationist Michael Melford provides photo coaching and hands-on workshops.

  • Cruise for 15 nights on an exclusively chartered voyage, led by a highly skilled expedition team featuring seasoned academics, scientists, and real-life explorers

  • Explore historic, wildlife-rich South Georgia with spectacular king penguin colonies and legendary sites that tell the tale of Antarctica’s greatest explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton

  • 18 days - pricing upon request, double occupancy; January 4-21, 2022


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