SOLO TRAVEL - Are You Game?

Have you wanted to travel to a destination, asked your BFFs or family to go with you, and then procrastination and excuses set it? Or even worse, you hear crickets? Then it may be time for you to consider traveling solo.

Solo travel has been gaining popularity as of late. In the US, there are more single people than ever before: According to the Census Bureau, in 2017, more than 45 percent of all Americans 18 or older were single. That’s more than 110 million Americans. And when it comes to solo travel, solo travelers extend beyond singles to include people from all walks of life.

Luckily, our preferred suppliers offer a multitude of options for any of you wishing to venture out on your own. Solo travel can seem intimidating to some, especially if you are not experienced with venturing out to new destinations on your own. One great way for a solo traveler to discover unfamiliar destinations in comfort is through escorted touring. Guided vacations are a hassle-free and enjoyable way for you to discover a new destination when traveling alone. Everything is taken care of, including the day-to-day itinerary, transportation, hotel check-ins, and luggage. Traveling under the watchful eye of a friendly tour director and having the company of fellow travelers will create a safe and secure environment as you travel.

Another benefit of being a solo traveler on escorted tours is that you can enjoy the company of people who share common interests. Whether you’re interested in adventure, nature, cruising, or local culture, traveling with a group of like-minded people from all over the world can be a very rewarding and inspiring experience. Join a trip that offers action-packed adventure-themed escorted travel, perfect for adventure seekers. Guided themed trips offer solo travelers camaraderie in like-minded travelers who share mutual enthusiasm. If, however, the idea of traveling solo seems like a bit too much, but you don’t enjoy large group tours either, consider small group travel itineraries, which can be a great way to bridge the gap. When traveling on small escorted group tours, you will travel in the company of an intimate group of guests, who can become travel companions - even new forever friends - while still providing you time when you need it.