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The Non-Traditional Destination Ceremony

Looking for a non-traditional destination ceremony experience? Couples can expect the unexpected when they decide to tie the knot at one of these unconventional destination wedding venues.

Aboard a Cruise Ship

Take your love to the seven seas with a cruise destination ceremony. Not only do cruise ship ceremonies come with the perk of a built-in honeymoon, but they’re also usually less costly than the average destination wedding, too. Couples can wed in a port city, onboard, or at an island destination somewhere across the world; the options are nearly endless. Many cruise lines offer completely customizable packages so couples can choose their perfect menu, photographer, and music for their special day. Don’t want to deal with the stress of planning? Some ships have wedding planners and day-of coordinators on staff to ensure everything goes smoothly before and after the vows are exchanged. Ask me how.

At a Theme Park

Thrill-seekers can embrace the high of being newly married with a theme park destination ceremony. Theme parks are the perfect venue for those who want to say “I do” in an unforgettable location. Couples can live their own fairy tale with a ceremony alongside Disney’s Magic Kingdom, have wild encounters with dolphins and exotic birds at Discovery Cove, or plunge into married life on one of Six Flags’ many scream-inducing rollercoasters. Prices for theme park weddings vary depending on your park of choice. However, many parks do offer the assistance of an on-site wedding coordinator, park photographer, and food and beverage services. Are you game?

Make it Multicultural in a Destination

Couples planning a multicultural wedding can still have a destination ceremony. Because no matter one’s culture or religious beliefs, nuptials are always a cherished event. Multicultural ceremonies are designed to embrace and honor the traditions of both parties when people of different backgrounds come together in marriage, and adding a beautiful destination as your backdrop makes it even more special. A multicultural ceremony is perfect for couples who want to begin their life with one another by fusing cultures and building their own traditions, and they’re easy to pull off in destination. The ability to open one’s mind and encourage acceptance makes multicultural ceremonies a favorite.

In a National Park

Destination ceremony locations don’t have to be all sun and sand, in fact, National Parks make for great ceremony venues that won’t break the bank. From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Florida Everglades, National Parks offer the perfect backdrop with their panoramic views and seasonal splendor. If you're nature-lovers, I'll inquire about hosting a ceremony on park grounds by reaching out to the park you’re interested in directly. While there can be some restrictions on the number of guests and the kinds of equipment allowed, National Parks are a wonderful option for an intimate ceremony experience.

Anywhere Beyond the Chapel

Location, location, location. These days couples can get married almost anywhere - I'm talking on a bridge, in an overwater bungalow, underwater, in a luxury ice hotel, aloft in a hot air balloon, and even in an historical castle. Looking for ways to forego the traditional destination wedding - I encourage you to think outside the box and look into unique venue locations.


Where2Next? Travel, LLC is a Special Needs Group™ Certified Accessible Travel Advocate and a Scootaround Certified Blue Star Ambassador Advisor - with knowledge in accessibility needs for luxury travel. I'm also a member in good standing of the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA).

When you're ready to start planning your romantic getaway, whether it be a chic couple-only ceremony, a picturesque proposal, an Haute honeymoon, or an intimate elopement, it would be my pleasure to help you pull together all of the elements of this romantic journey so that you can travel confidently and rest easy about your plans. Email me ( or set your Quick Chat appointment ( to talk about this exciting travel experience for you.


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