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Right now, there is a plethora of information swirling around us regarding COVID-19 - some of it good - some of it terrible. The travel industry is going through a difficult time right now, but it's resilient and will bounce back. At this time, I am keeping a cool head, reviewing the industry information and updates being sent to me, digesting it and arming my clients with the most accurate information available as well as my expertise. There will be no barrage of "how to..." or alarmist messages sent to clients - they receive: 1️⃣ The latest information about cancelation policies & options from suppliers that pertain to their specific travel plans so they can make a rational & informed decision on whether to cancel 2️⃣ The benefits of the travel protection they always have in place on their trips with us 3️⃣ Best practices to follow from the CDC, the W.H.O., and in consultation with their personal health care providers 4️⃣ The assurance they are not alone These are just some of the benefits of using a travel professional that you can't get from big box store travel or an online provider. Helping you see the WORLD, one experience at a time.® #UseATravelAgent #TravelProfessionalsAreHereForYOU #KeepCalmAndCallATravelAgent #ItsAboutValueNotPrice

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