Why You Should Always Send Yourself A Postcard When Traveling

Thoughts of postcards likely bring a deep nostalgia to many people. Some might even wonder if they can still be found in the far-flung parts of the world? The fact is, they are still sold, and there are many reasons why you should be buying and sending them.

Postcards are one of the easiest souvenirs that we can pick up on our travels. They are available everywhere, even at the airport if you’ve forgotten until the last moment. They are inexpensive and they are so much more than a picture on a card.

Since early 2020, we’ve all had our travel plans changed at some point. Whether it was a family vacation to see historic gems in Ireland or a luxury small group tour you were looking forward to with friends, it’s likely you’ve faced delays or cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why returning to travel feels even sweeter and as countries open their borders, the memories we make on our next luxury tour will be more treasured than ever.

Sending a postcard is now seen as out of the ordinary, which provides even more reason to send one. Everyone can make an Insta story on their smartphone, or a short video on Facebook to show everyone what a great time they’re having on vineyard tour or the stunning details of luxury hotels, but a postcard is something tangible that will last longer.

Sending one to yourself is a rewarding experience that takes a short amount of time, but will have a much greater impact in the future. Here are seven reasons why you should send yourself a postcard from your amazing vacation.

The Perfect Souvenir

Each destination has its own kitsch souvenir, like cowbells from Switzerland and mini sumo wrestler ornaments from Japan. Some people absolutely adore these, but mostly you find it amusing at the time and it simply collects dust when you get home.

Your postcards can be hung in plain sight, such as on the fridge or on a pinboard in your bedroom or study, or framed for a collection, reminding you of an incredible adventure you went on years ago.

A Reminder for Years to Come

The incredible power of imagery means that a simple glance can transport you back to an exceptional venue you discovered on your travels. You might be transported back to your VIP Experience at the Vatican Museum in Rome or the views of Pont du Gard in Provence.