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In order to perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel, a deposit is required.  A $100 Plan-To-Go deposit is required on all bespoke itineraries and groups of 10 or more.  The Plan-To-Go fee is non-refundable and is considered a service fee for planning your trip.

Planning a custom vacation experience takes a considerable amount of time and research.  Our work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise.  We research and vet cruises, hotels and tours to meet your specific needs; contact suppliers; coordinate transportation; and draft itineraries.  Your final itinerary and documents will give you as smooth a vacation as is possible.

All travel experiences arranged through Where2Next? Travel, LLC offer peace of mind, as we are experienced professionals with 10+ years in the travel business of planning exceptional travel experiences.  You can count on us to provide expert insight, save you valuable time & money and deliver a vacation tailor-made to your needs.


The Plan-To-Go fee entitles you a maximum of three (3) quotes in no more than two (2) destinations, and is valid for 30 days.  By paying the Plan-To-Go deposit, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms.


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