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I'm Karan - you know me - the friend who planned ALL your travel and didn't take a dime because I LOVED doing it and I LOVE to travel - your enjoyment and raves were payment enough.  I'm the one who took the pics but wasn't in them - fretted when things didn't go quite right but made sure any issues were handled - stopped the madness before you saw it coming.  Then, after a particularly awesome trip, a close friend said, "You should have your own travel business!"  (Thanks, Ella!)

So here I am, in business for 14 years now.  The first seven years I spent learning what my clients want, need, and like - learning that private, bespoke travel leads to some great and unique experiences.  Learning what makes my clients HAPPY - and these last seven years, I've been doing the same with a business behind me.

I was chosen to kick off a weekly IGTV series called #TravelTalk, interviewing with the Assuage Co-Founder and CEO Amelia Gunderson-Herman on the role of the travel advisor, trends, changes, future travel planning, and more! Many of the insights I had at the time of the interview have come to pass and are still currently being utilized. Watch my interview HERE and listen to get ideas, learn more about what a professional travel consultant can do for you, and a little more about me!

I am a featured "travel advisor who is leading the way" among my peers in the KHM Travel Group newsletter.

I am also quoted in Travel Advisor, the official publication of ASTA (the American Society of Travel Advisors, of which I am a proud member) about my business survival techniques from the pandemic - click HERE to see the article.

My most recent feature is in Group Tour Magazine (Value Your Expertise), discussing the merits of the concierge retainer model and the value of always using a professional travel advisor to book your trips. That article is HERE.

The Itinza Travel website features my 2-part interview regarding thoughts and insights as a professional travel advisor into how COVID has changed the travel industry and how travel will go forward - see that interview HERE and HERE.

See the new Where2Next? Travel, LLC promo video HERE.

Where have my clients been?  My clients have traveled the world.  They've been to Hilton Head; Los Angeles; New York; Las Vegas; Malta; Russia; ItalySweden; Dominican Republic; Estonia; Greece; Qatar; Turkey; NorwayPuerto Rico; Spain; Portugal; Key West; Dubai; Monaco; France... I can go on. 

Enjoying luxury travel through and with my clients.  I am Where2Next? Travel, LLC - collaborating with discerning travelers in creating bespoke, luxury itineraries.

photo by Kelley Raye-Wright


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