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(Atlanta, GA)

Designing bespoke, experiential journeys for the urbane traveler.™

Helping you see the WORLD,
one experience at a time.™


Karan is your Atlanta, GA-based founder and owner of Where2Next? Travel, LLC - a premier, boutique luxury travel agency.

I'm Karan - you know me - the friend who planned ALL your travel and didn't take a dime because I LOVED doing it and I LOVE to travel - your enjoyment and raves were payment enough.  I'm the one who took the pics but wasn't in them - fretted when things didn't go quite right but made sure any issues were handled - stopped the madness before you saw it coming.  Then, after a particularly awesome trip, a close friend said, "You should have your own travel business!"  (Thanks, Ella!)

So here I am, in business for 16 years now.  The first seven years I spent learning what my clients want, need, and like - learning that private, bespoke travel leads to some great and unique experiences.  Learning what makes my clients HAPPY - and these last few years, I've been doing the same with a business behind me.

I was chosen to kick off a weekly IGTV series called #TravelTalk, interviewing with the Assuage Co-Founder and CEO Amelia Gunderson-Herman on the role of the travel advisor, trends, changes, future travel planning, and more! Many of the insights I had at the time of the interview have come to pass and are still currently being utilized. Watch my interview HERE and listen to get ideas, learn more about what a professional travel consultant can do for you, and a little more about me!

I am a featured "travel advisor who is leading the way" among my peers in the KHM Travel Group newsletter.

I am also quoted in Travel Advisor, the official publication of ASTA (the American Society of Travel Advisors, of which I am a proud member) about my business survival techniques from the pandemic - click HERE to see the article.

I am featured in Group Tour Magazine (Value Your Expertise), discussing the merits of the concierge retainer model and the value of always using a professional travel advisor to book your trips. That article is HERE.

The Itinza Travel website features my 2-part interview regarding thoughts and insights as a professional travel advisor into how the travel industry has changed and how travel will go forward - see that interview HERE and HERE.

Most recently, I was interviewed for the Meet The Elite Podcast - you can hear the podcast HERE.

Where have my clients been?  My clients have traveled the world.  They've been to Hilton Head; Los Angeles; New York; Las Vegas; Malta; Russia; Italy; Sweden; Dominican Republic; Estonia; Greece; Qatar; Turkey; Norway; Puerto Rico; Spain; Portugal; Key West; Dubai; Monaco; France... I can go on. 

Enjoying luxury travel through and with my clients.  I am Where2Next? Travel, LLC - collaborating with discerning travelers in creating bespoke, luxury itineraries.

photo by Kelley Raye-Wright

photo of owner Karen in front of a small private jet on an airstrip.

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