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Designing bespoke, experiential journeys for the urbane traveler.™

Helping you see the WORLD,
one experience at a time.™

Your Luxury Travel Expert

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Karan is your Atlanta, GA-based founder and owner of Where2Next? Travel, LLC -

a premier, boutique luxury travel agency enhancing journeys with Positive Impact.

I'm Karan - a professional travel advisor crafting unparalleled, bespoke experiential positive impact travels for busy, discerning couples, individuals, and small groups who find the thought of travel planning arduous, confusing and time consuming - who want clarity on the myriad choices for travel - seek the best value for their travel spend – desire to make their journeys make a difference - and want to engage a professional travel advisor to work with them in the planning and processes.

You lead a life that's constantly on the move - work, family, friends... life. You have it all together - except for trying to plan your next trip.

You're seated in front of your screen with 26 browser windows open trying to make sense of it all. Do you believe that review? Are the pictures accurate?  Do you need a visa? You want something unique and experiential but don't know where to start. An adventure that cannot be found on a search engine or with AI that will provide you with a lifetime of stories in a remarkable destination.

That's where I come in.

The assignment: Taking the time drain, frustration, confusion, and minutiae of travel planning from your already full agenda.

The result: Providing you with a professionally planned, ideal itinerary for you, based on your travel style and values, with time for your pursuits and peace of mind.




What if, while you journey to the world's most extraordinary destinations, you could change the world for the better? You CAN when you travel with the purpose to make a positive impact.

Welcome to luxury travel where every journey is a meaningful combination of refinement and positive change. As your dedicated, professional travel advisor, I curate unforgettable experiences that go beyond the ordinary, focusing on enriching the world and your soul.

Imagine jetting off to breathtaking destinations, knowing that your travels are making a significant difference - whether it's supporting local communities, preserving wildlife habitats, or championing cultural heritage - your adventures will leave a lasting legacy of positivity and progress.

With a deep commitment to responsible tourism, I collaborate with esteemed partners who share the vision for a better world. Together, we craft an itinerary that elevates your travel experience while making a positive impact on the destinations you visit.

Redefine your luxury travel, where every journey is an opportunity to create lasting memories and meaningful change. Let's embark on a transformative adventure that enriches your life and leaves a positive footprint on the world.

Whether you crave an epic adventure to the seventh continent or a blissful, serene escape, rest assured that I'm here to guarantee your travel experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Embark on a journey into the realm of refined travel alongside me.

Soul-enriching Impact Travel | ​​Small-ship + Expedition Cruising | Private Aviation

 Refined Land Journeys | Extraordinary Accommodation

Your journey begins now.



Who Are Where2Next? Travel, LLC's
Positive Impact Travel Partners?

Pack For A Purpose

Have a big impact in the communities you visit. Simply use a small amount of space in your luggage to pack supplies needed by community projects around the world.

Click here to learn more about Pack For A Purpose.


Travel Elevates

Our mission is to leverage global travel partnerships and connect travelers to projects that will empower local communities around the world through education and economic growth.

Philanthropic Partners of Travel Elevates
Click here to learn more about Travel Elevates

TreadRight Foundation®

Travel is an incredible gift. It has the ability to open our eyes to the unique cultures and spellbinding beauty of the natural world. But with this gift comes a responsibility – to protect the world as we know it. At TreadRight, our mission is clear: to have a positive impact on the planet we call home, the people and communities whose homes we visit, and the rich wildlife we find there.

Click here to learn more about the TreadRight Foundation.®

Become a VIP.

You are a savvy traveler, looking for journeys and destinations that are unique and offer more. Let my Luxury Travel Collection Lookbook inspire you to your next adventure!


Discover the difference a collection of unparalleled travel experiences makes.

Lookbook Magazine1.jpg

Who Does Where2Next? Travel, LLC Serve?


Private, luxury journeys with no more than 15 of your chosen travel companions. Drivers and guides exclusive to your group. Your travel companions - your way.

Follow this link for more.

379102860_786758566786717_9019310325417605310_n (1).jpg


Your journey with the one you love should be as unique as you are together. Whether it's exploring the great outdoors, a private and secluded safari, or spending time alone on the beach, the perfect trip will be crafted for you.


You wait for no one and are ready to explore on your timetable. Travel for you may mean a well-deserved respite or enjoying the anticipation of meeting like-minded travelers on your journey.


Why Where2Next? Travel, LLC

You are a discerning traveler whose time is at a premium.

You want your journeys leave a lasting and positive impact for a better world.

The benefits of turning over the planning?


No more overwhelm with the search process.


No more stress about seeing trip planning on your schedule.

No wondering what experiences or opportunities you may have missed.

No wasted travel spend.

Support when you need assistance.


Your entire travel experience is professionally planned and documented.


A seamless experience from the time you leave your front door until the time you return.

What Level of Service are the Journeys
Where2Next? Travel, LLC Designs?



* 5-Star Accommodation (Penthouses, Private Apartments)

* Umrah Pilgrimage Journeys (Umrah Plus)

* Upscale Restaurants | Private Dining

* Refined Cruising (River and Ocean)

* Black Car Service

* Private Aviation (small jet charters | exclusive private jet journeys)

* Private Driver with separate accompanying Guide

* Exclusive Experiences

* Privileges and Access not available to the general public


* 5-Star Accommodation (Suites | Boutique)

* Upscale Restaurants

* Refined Cruising (River and Ocean)

* Black Car Service

* Luxe Commercial Air (Business Class | First Class)

* Private Driver Guide

* Exclusive Experiences

* Privileges not available to the general public



* 4 to 5-Star Accommodation (Deluxe+ Rooms)

* Luxe Commercial Air (Business Class | First Class)

* Private Transfers

* Exclusive Experiences

* Privileges not available to the general public










Worldwide Travel Partners

Exclusive residences and villas. Extraordinary hotels and resorts. Luxury ocean and river cruises. Private jet charters and Business/First Class commercial air. These listed partners represent just a handful of the distinguished global brands that Where2Next? Travel, LLC proudly collaborates with to ensure extraordinary experiences on your journeys.

Reserve P/S
Four Hundred by Design
AMA Waterways
Crystal Cruises
Micato Safaris
Riverside Luxury Cruises
Abercrombie & Kent
Regal Winds
Greaves Tours LLC

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